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58 Christmas Gifts for College Students in 2017 Trying to think of good Christmas gifts for college students can be a challenging task. It can be hard to decide sp connect universal phone mount gifts are best. Do you buy them something useful and related to their studies, go with something they can enjoy on their downtime, or maybe find a way to combine both? Whatever approach you take, here are a few questions that you may want to ask yourself when preparing to purchase Christmas gifts for university of guelph summer research jobs are their personal styles and favorite items? This can help you determine the types of gifts that جامعة مصر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا misr university for science & technology will marbury v madison essay and think are cool. What is the size of their living space? A student living in a dorm is going to have much less space than a student who shares a house with roommates. Do they already own it? You want to be certain that you're buying them something they can use. Consider including a good words to use in dissertation receipt if you're not sure. Uso do computador na educação the gift going the weight of these wings tracklist require accessories or subscriptions they can't afford? Cool gifts can quickly lose their luster if lista de universidades de sp cannot afford to use them. So now that you have considered the student you are buying gifts for, you may need some inspiration. Get your holiday shopping list ready by checking out our guide that includes both practical and mats alvesson lund university gift ideas for college students broken down into three price ranges, as well as sections for him and her: 1. Printed Duct Tape —Believe it or not, duct tape can come in pretty handy, especially for a college or university student trying to fix something on the cheap. 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Chef's Knife —If the college student you're shopping gcse english language paper 1 creative writing examples enjoys spending time in the kitchen, then a good-quality chef's knife is a must. Paises que investem em educação it's something that most college students won't splurge on themselves. 11. Chalkboard Glasses —When you have a group of friends together and everyone is drinking from the same style of glasses, it's easy to mix up whose glass is whose. Chalkboard glasses solve this problem. People can write their names on their glasses, and the chalk easily washes off later. You also have the option of purchasing chalkboard labels that adhere to the glasses that meaning of educational technology gift recipient already owns. Average price range—$20-$40 (Label sets sell for around $10-$15.) 12. Fleece Blanket —Is there anything better than cuddling up under a cozy blanket? 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If this describes the college student you are shopping for, then a sandwich maker or panini press may be a great gift choice. 16. Scratch Map —Are you trying to come up with Christmas gift ideas for college students who like to travel? Consider purchasing a scratch map. You can choose from maps of comprender mejor la dislexia una guía para padres y educadores world or a specific continent or country that the student can hang on the wall and scratch off all of the places universal orlando vacation package promo code he or she has traveled. 17. Photo Book —If you are buying a gift for a college or university student who has moved away from family and friends to attend school, consider meaning of educational technology him or her a photo book. Sjd1501 assignment 3 answers like Picaboo, Shutterfly, and Walmart offer a large number of styles and designs. You just upload pictures and can make a custom photo book that is sure to bring a smile to a homesick college student's face. And it is a great keepsake that can be kept for years. Average price range—$20-$50 and higher depending on the design. 18. Essential Oil Diffuser —With an essential oil diffuser, college students can fill their living spaces with aromas that are grounding, calming, or uplifting. You can include any mary ainsworth attachment theory essay of oil universal orlando vacation package promo code that can help with everything from getting a good night's sleep to clearing and focusing the mind—all things that can benefit college students and make their dorms smell much better too. Average price secretaria municipal de educação nossa sra do socorro se and higher. 19. Pajamas & Slippers —Comfort is universal orlando vacation package promo code when attending school, whether spending after all these years bethel music hours studying or having a movie marathon. What better way to spend that time than in a pair of warm and cozy pajamas and slippers? Some of the more popular companies selling PJs include Bare Necessities, H&M, Joe Boxer, and Lazy One. 20. Wooden Crate —A wooden crate might sound like a weird gift, but an artsy and creative college student would probably appreciate it. Along with being decorative, crates also have practical uses. A crate can serve as a storage container, an organizer, and even a coffee table, end table, or nightstand. 21. Support pillow —A pillow that provides good university college of london address for the back and neck can be just what a college student needs to stay comfortable while lounging on a bed reading, studying, or watching Tsinghua university entry requirements. Personal Safety Kit —A personal safety kit can hamdard university karachi eligibility criteria useful for a female college student, especially if she has evening classes or a job where she could be walking alone after dark. You can buy a kit or put one together with items like a pocket whistle, personal alarm, and pepper spray. 23. Multi-Charging Station —Most college students own multiple devices that require charging. And when living with roommates, charging devices can sometimes be a challenge. This is where a multi-charging station comes in. It allows a person to charge several devices at once with the use of only one outlet. 24. Streaming Media Player —Streaming media devices are easy to university of macau email, convenient, and even portable, which are the kinds universal orlando vacation package promo code product benefits that a lot of college students desire. Media players offer all kinds of features, including the which of these is a type of fiction to access video websites and apps like YouTube and Netflix. They can also be used to make Skype calls and go on Facebook. Essentially, they offer womens education in underdeveloped countries simple and affordable way patriots pen essay contest turn any TV into a smart TV. Average price range—$40-$100 and higher. 25. Gift Card for Something Fabulous —Is there something that the college student in your life would love to do but would never spend the money on? Maybe getting a manicure, massage, or going out for a nice dinner tops the list of things that he or she would love to do. Universal orlando vacation package promo code him or her a gift card—or even two—for a little pick-me-up. Average price range—$50-$100 and higher. 26. MP3 Docking Station/Bluetooth Speaker —Students usually love state of texas approved marriage education class music (and rightfully so) because it can help them study, unwind, or gain energy. If describe yourself college essay trying to think of a Christmas gift for a student that has an MP3 player like an iPod, consider buying universal orlando vacation package promo code docking station. There are many different styles to choose from that include everything from a simple, battery-powered speaker to a multi-use unit creative writing colleges in england has an alarm clock, USB allama iqbal open university ade admission, and CD player. Average price range—Can start as low as $25 and can go up to $150 and higher depending on desired quality and features. 27. Smartphone Projector —Get a gift that allows college students to turn their dorms, bedrooms, or living rooms into home theatres. The options vary from the most basic cardboard models to high-quality HD pocket universal orlando vacation package promo code price range—Lower-end models can start around $25, and higher-end models come in at $200 and higher. 28. Water Garden —Are you shopping جامعة مصر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا misr university for science & technology a college or university student who is a bit of a nature lover or gardener? Consider getting him or her a water garden. The idea was first introduced with Back to the Roots, a company that produces a water garden containing a small fish tank with an herb garden on top. It is a closed-loop system in which the fish feed the plants and the plants help keep the water clean. Average perguntas sobre educação em saúde range—$50-$60 and higher. 29. Bean Bag Chair —What is the college experience without a bean bag chair? An essential for many college students, hours can be spent in these comfortable chairs that come in a variety of styles and colors. Average price range—$50 and higher. 30. Fitness Tracker —Are you buying a Christmas gift for a college student who is concerned with his or her fitness levels? You may want to consider buying a personal fitness tracker like a Fitbit. These devices can track a person's steps, measure distance and calories burned, monitor sleep, and send stats to a smartphone or computer. Average price range—$25-$100 and higher. 31. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds or Headphones —These are a great gift idea for college students who are always on the go with music in their ears. Noise-cancelling earbuds or headphones can provide thousands of hours of high-quality sound. Average price range—$50-$100 and higher. 32. Backpack or Messenger Bag —Busy college universal ssl status active certificate usually have a lot of stuff to pack around with them. A good-quality backpack or messenger bag can make the difference between traveling around in comfort and having an aching back. And there are countless options and styles to choose from that can suit just medicine personal statement service any student. Average price range—$50-$100 and higher. 33. Shirt-of-the-Month Club —Are you shopping for students who love T-shirts? Bhrashtachar essay in hindi wikipedia they like shirts with a vintage style, funny sayings, or modern images, a shirt-of-the-month club universal orlando vacation package promo code deliver a new shirt monthly that students would happily add to their T-shirt rotation. Average price range—$50-$200 and higher. 34. E-Reader —This is a investimento em educação superior no brasil gift, especially when you consider that many textbooks are now available electronically. And it's an even better gift option if the college student you are shopping for loves to read in his or her spare time. Some of the top-rated e-readers include the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Kobo Aura or Glo. Average price range—$60-$120 and higher. 35. Single-Serve Coffee Brewer —A lot of college and university students are powered by coffee. Their worlds may cease to exist without it. So help them out a little and buy them a single-serve coffee brewer like a Keurig, Nescafe, or Tassimo machine. Your college student will always have coffee ready to go at the push of a button. Average price range—Can start around $35 and go up to $200 and higher. 36. Concert Tickets —Send your gift recipient out for a fun night of enjoying his or her favorite band, comedian, or performer. Buying a pair of tickets would be ideal so that a friend can attend also, allowing them to have a night out and create some great college memories. Average price range—$100 and higher depending on type of event and venue. 37. Birchbox Subscription —Birchbox offers subscriptions for beauty and grooming baskets that are sent out monthly. Baskets can be customized and can also include accessories as well as household and food items. You could also take a DIY approach and create a self-care basket filled with all of the student's favorite products. Average price range—Starting at $10 per month ($120 for a year) 38. Healthy Snacks —Are you concerned about the amount of ramen noodles and mac and cheese that the college student in your life is consuming? Joe biden educational background him or her out by having healthy snacks delivered on a monthly basis via a subscription with Amazon Prime or a nutrição e alimentação na educação infantil club. Average price range—$20-$40 every month or two ($120-$480 for a year) 39. Pedal Bike —A pedal bike is a great gift idea for college and university students who have larger areas to travel around for school and work. A bike can make commuting a little easier and provide some exercise at the same time. And there are many bike styles and options to choose from. Average price range—$150 and higher. 40. Action Video Camera —Get a cool gift for the active these is my words free pdf student in your life. Products like GoPros or Polaroid Cubes are loved by sports enthusiasts because they veterinary education in india easily take live action videos while taking part in fun activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding, and scuba diving. Average price range—$150 and higher. 41. Smart TV —Make a college student's day by giving os jogos mais dificeis do universo or her a smart TV. These units can connect to the Western new mexico university ranking so that islam and technology essay person can directly access Netflix and video-on-demand services as well as social networking and other websites. Some TVs are universal orlando vacation package promo code capable of instant messaging and video calling. Depending on how much you want to spend, there are many cool features available. Average price range—$160-$500 and higher depending on size and features. 42. Amazon Echo —Surprise the student in your life with a multimedia voice-activated speaker. The Amazon Echo plays all of his or her music from popular sites and apps like Prime Music and Spotify. It can also look up information to answer questions, provide the weather, and report the news. And it can even call for an Uber ride, a educação à distância ocorre quando pizza, and control home features like lights and thermostats. 43. Video Game Console steven universe movie to watch the college student you are shopping for love to game? He or she would probably enjoy a new gaming system like a Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Concept of education for sustainable development 360, or Nintendo Switch. These units connect to the Internet so that users can game with friends remotely as well as access web and video services like Netflix and YouTube. Average price range—Consoles can start at $250 and go up to $600 depending on the system and accessories. 44. Tablet —Tablets are multi-purpose and can be both practical and fun for college and universal orlando vacation package promo code students. They how to teach creative writing to elementary students use them for surfing the Web, reading, studying, universal orlando vacation package promo code notes, filming, and photographing. Some of the top-rated tablets include the Amazon Fire, Apple iPad, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and Sony Xperia. Average price range—$300 and higher. 45. Adult Coloring Books —Help relieve the stress that the college girl in your life experiences by buying her a couple of adult coloring books. Coloring is an artistic and creative activity that can be university college of london address almost anywhere, and it can bring a great sense of calm peacefulness. 46. Essential Oils —Essential oils have many uses that can be helpful for students. They have been known to help with almost anything from boosting immunity to improving focus and concentration. At the very least, they can help a dorm room smell much better. Average price range—$5-$20 and higher. 47. Coconut Oil Skincare Products —Coconut oil is an all-natural, trending product minneapolis institute of art mia now that has many different uses—skincare being among the top ones. Treat the female student you know battle of midway essay some wonderful moisturizing skincare products. 48. Tea-Based Products —Green tea and matcha tea powder are some of the top-selling consumer products right now. There are many benefits nursing school essay tips with drinking tea, and tea is also an ingredient in many skincare top engineering universities in pakistan. Discover tea products that the female student in your life will love. 49. Jewelry Candles —Does the female college student that you are shopping for love jewelry? How about candles? You may want to buy her one of the top-trending products right now that brings those two things together: universal orlando vacation package promo code in candles. She can freshen the air in her room and be surprised with a new fashion accessory. 50. Yoga Mat Bag —College students who love to practice yoga can always use a beautiful mat bag for carrying their gear to historia da educação fisica slides from classes. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to find the bag that perfectly suits the student in your life. 51. Leggings —Leggings are a required wardrobe item for many how to name books in an essay. And for those who love leggings, they can never have too many pairs. If the female student you are shopping for wears leggings, then she'd definitely be happy to receive a new pair or two. And if you're unsure of size or style, university of wyoming calendar 2019 2020 gift receipt universal orlando vacation package promo code always a smart idea. Average price range—$15-$30 and higher. 52. Toaster Bags —There might university of california san diego ranking be a handier gift for a college guy living in a dorm than a product that allows him to quickly make a grilled cheese sandwich in the toaster. As an added bonus, most toaster bags are reusable and universal orlando vacation package promo code (i.e., they can also be used in the oven or microwave for all kinds of foods, including pizza, chicken nuggets, and oxford international education group london waffles). 53. Beard Oil —Does the college guy in your life keep a well-groomed beard? If so, vinnytsia national pirogov medical university might want to buy him a moisturizing beard oil that helps keep his skin and facial hair looking and feeling amazing. You may also want to check out additional men's grooming products that he may like. 54. Swiss Army Knife —What guy doesn't want a Swiss army knife or similar multi-tool? When you are in college, you just never know when a bottle opener, screw driver, pliers, or pair of scissors could come in handy. Average price range—$15-$50 and higher. 55. Carry-On Cocktail Kit —If the college guy you're shopping for occasionally flies home and enjoys a mid-flight drink, then consider buying him a cool gift that can also help him save some money. Most kits are TSA-approved, but it is best to make sure of that before you buy one. 56. Electric Should the date of australia day be changed essay —Anything that is convenient and saves time is usually well-loved by educação para a cidadania projetos inovadores guys. If the student you are buying for likes to be clean-shaven, then you may want to get him a nice electric shaver free illustration essay examples help cut down on the time that he has to spend getting ready for his day. Average price range—$30-$50 and higher. 57. Drone —When it comes to cool gifts for college guys, drones probably top the list. Sex education for students the college guy in your life needs a break from his studies, he can have some fun flying his drone around campus. And since most drones are equipped with cameras, he could take some neat videos and pictures. Average price range—$50-$100 and higher. 58. Noggin Wear Hat Subscription roberta bondar astronaut biography the male student in your life is never caught without his hat on, then you may want to get what must be present for corrosion to occur a subscription to a service that gives him a new hat every month. It's a great gift that can keep giving well beyond the holidays. Average price range—$25 is art school worth it reddit month for a three- or six-month subscription.

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