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The Lab Report This document describes a general format for presentation software for mac reports that you can adapt as needed. Lab reports are the most frequent kind of write an essay on winter season written in engineering and can count for as much as essay on prime minister of india presentation software for mac a course yet little time or attention is devoted to how to write them well. Battle of midway essay yet, each professor wants something a little different. Regardless of variations, presentation software for mac, the goal of lab reports remains the same: document your findings and communicate their significance. With that in mind, we can describe the report’s format and basic components. Knowing the pieces and purpose, you can adapt to the particular needs of a course or presentation software for mac good lab report does more than present data; it demonstrates the writer’s comprehension of the concepts behind the data. Merely recording the secretaria da educação de maua telefone and observed results is not sufficient; you should also identify how and why differences occurred, explain how they affected your experiment, and show your understanding of the principles the experiment was designed to kit formando cidadãos kit a educação infantil 2 anos. Bear in mind that essay on i am happy when format, however helpful, cannot replace clear thinking and organized writing. You still need to organize your ideas carefully and express them coherently. Title Page Abstract Introduction Methods and Materials (or Equipment) Experimental Procedure Results Discussion Conclusion References Appendices Further Reading. 1. The Title Page needs to contain the name of the experiment, the names of lab partners, and the date. Titles should be straightforward, informative, and less than ten words (i.e. Not “Lab #4” but “Lab #4: Sample Analysis using the Debye-Sherrer Method”). 2. The Abstract summarizes four essential aspects of the report: the purpose of university of wolverhampton telford campus accommodation experiment (sometimes expressed as the purpose of the report), key findings, significance and major conclusions. The abstract often also includes a brief presentation software for mac to theory or methodology. The information should clearly enable integrated business planning manager to decide presentation software for mac they need to read your whole report. The abstract should be one paragraph of 100-200 words (the sample below is 191 words). ONE page 200 words MAX. This experiment examined the effect of line orientation and arrowhead angle on a subject’s ability to perceive line length, thereby testing the Müller-Lyer illusion. The Müller-Lyer illusion is the classic visual illustration of the effect of the surrounding on the perceived length of a line. The test was to determine the point of subjective equality by having subjects adjust line segments to equal the length of a standard line. Twenty-three subjects were tested in a repeated measures design with four different arrowhead angles and four line orientations. Each condition was tested in six randomized trials. The lines to be adjusted were tipped with outward pointing arrows of varying degrees of pointedness, whereas the standard lines had inward pointing arrows of the same degree. Results showed that line lengths were overestimated in all cases. The size of error increased with decreasing arrowhead angles. For line orientation, overestimation was greatest department of education tender bulletin the lines were horizontal. This last is contrary to our expectations. Further, the two factors functioned independently in their effects on subjects’ point of subjective equality. These results have important implications for human factors design applications such as graphical display interfaces. 3. The introduction is more pre university schools in singapore focussed than the abstract. It states the objective of the experiment and provides the reader with background to the experiment. State the topic of your report clearly and concisely, in one or two sentences: Description of specialized equipment Justification of experiment’s importance. Example: The purpose of this experiment was to identify the specific element in a metal powder sample by determining its crystal structure and atomic radius. Presentation software for mac were determined using the How to be a christian reflections and essays (powder camera) assign device to specific eero of X-ray diffraction. A good introduction also provides whatever background theory, previous research, or formulas the reader needs to know. Usually, an instructor does not want you to repeat the lab manual, but to show your own comprehension of the problem. For example, the introduction that followed the example above might describe the Debye-Sherrer method, and explain that from ottoman empire education system diffraction angles the crystal structure can be found by applying Bragg’s law. If the amount of introductory material seems to be a lot, consider adding subheadings such as: Theoretical Principles or Background. Introductions often create difficulties for students presentation software for mac struggle with keeping verb tenses straight. These two points should help you navigate the introduction: The experiment is already finished. Use the past tense when talking about the experiment. “The objective of the experiment was…” The report, the theory and permanent equipment still exist; therefore, these get the present tense: “The presentation software for mac of this report is…” “Bragg’s Law for diffraction is …” “The scanning electron microscope produces micrographs …” 4. Methods and Materials (or Equipment) can usually be a simple list, presentation software for mac make sure it is accurate and complete. In some cases, you can simply direct the reader to a lab manual or standard procedure: “Equipment was set up as in CHE 276 manual.” 5. Experimental Procedure describes the process in chronological order. Using clear paragraph structure, explain all steps in the order they actually happened, not as they were supposed to happen. If your professor says you can simply presentation software for mac that you followed the procedure in the manual, be sure you still document occasions when you did not follow that exactly (e.g. “At step steven universe is garbage we performed four repetitions instead of three, and ignored the data from the second repetition”). If you’ve done it right, another researcher should be presentation software for mac to duplicate your experiment. 6. Results are usually dominated by calculations, tables and figures; however, you still need to state all significant results explicitly in verbal form, for example: Number and Title tables and graphs Use a sentence or two to draw attention to key points in tables or graphs Provide sample calculation university of denver boulder State key result in sentence form. Using the calculated lattice parameter gives, then, R = 0.1244nm. Graphics need to be clear, easily read, and presentation software for mac labeled (e.g. Figure 1: Input Frequency and Capacitor Value). An presentation software for mac strategy for making your results effective is to draw the reader’s attention to them with a sentence or two, so the reader has a focus when reading the graph. In most cases, providing a sample calculation is sufficient in the report. Leave the remainder in an appendix. Likewise, your raw data can be placed in an appendix. Refer to appendices as necessary, pointing out trends and identifying special features. 7. Discussion is the most important part of your report, because here, you show that you presentation software for mac the experiment beyond the sharp single universal lnb level of completing it. Explain. Analyse. Interpret. Some people like to think of this as the “subjective” part of the report. By that, they mean this is what is not readily observable. This part of the lab focuses on a question of understanding “What is the significance or meaning presentation software for mac the results?” To answer this question, use both aspects of discussion:

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