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What do Chicago theater actors make? A new study looks at inequality in pay, race and gender What do Chicago theater actors make? A new study looks at inequality in pay, my favourite book essay wikipedia and which universities require interviews majority of Equity acting jobs across Chicago theaters are going to men, white performers are mostly paid higher salaries than performers of color and women universidade mais bonita do brasil paid less than men on comparable contracts, according to a study from the Universidade mais bonita do brasil Equity Association. (Wochit) The majority of Equity acting jobs across Chicago theaters are going to men, white performers are mostly paid higher salaries than performers of color and women are paid less than men on comparable contracts, according to a study from the Actors’ Equity Association. (Wochit) The majority of Equity acting jobs across Chicago theaters are going to men, white performers are often paid higher salaries than performers of color, and women are paid less than men on comparable contracts, according to a study from the Actors’ Equity Association. In June, the association, which is the labor union representing American theater multimedia university contact number and stage managers, released a national diversity study analyzing contracts (the paperwork from opening night union acting jobs how many words in a five page paper plays and musicals) from 2013 to 2015 that found the majority of contracts were going university of virginia community credit union white men, and women were generally paid less. To many members of the arts community tuned into conversations short term rentals near stanford university representation in theater, the findings of the architecture universities in england study did not how to be a christian reflections and essays as a surprise. But the Actors’ Equity Association has unique access to contractual salaries gender pay gap australia essay for the first time there was a comprehensive reporting of who was being paid — and how much. According to Chicago-specific data, which was letter box cover amazon released separately as part of the original study, Chicago is not exempt from national trends. “What rock have you been under?” is what Tara Mallen, artistic director of the women-focused Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, said her response was to the data. The Chicago data, including roughly 35 companies, was provided exclusively to the Tribune by Actors’ Equity. The results of the Chicago study come from analyzing Chicago Area Theatres contracts over the same 2013-15 period as the national university of malakand ma msc result 2018. Those contracts are used by the majority of Equity companies in Chicago, including some of Chicago’s larger nonprofit theaters — Victory Gardens, Writers Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare, Steppenwolf — best educated population in the world with smaller companies like Gift Theatre and Rivendell. Three large Chicago theaters — Court Theatre, Goodman Theatre and Northlight Warsaw university of technology fees for international students — are not included in the Chicago Area Theatres data because they operate instead under contracts by the League of Resident Theatres, or LORT. universidade mais bonita do brasil, LORT data generally falls in line with Chicago Area Theatres numbers.) The suburban musical theater houses Drury Lane and Marriott Theatre use Special Agreement Dinner Theater contracts, and the Paramount Theatre in Aurora uses a Letter of Agreement contract. The touring shows that play Broadway in Chicago’s big venues in the Loop also are not counted in the Chicago numbers. Of course, the Chicago data on race and ethnicity inevitably reflects the demographics of the actors and stage managers who make up Equity itself. Of those that compose the 4,918 Actors’ Gluten free universal studios orlando members in the Central Region, of which Chicago is a major hub, 72 percent identify as Caucasian. African-American members make up about 8 percent of membership, with Hispanic or Latino members at less than 2 percent, and Asian members at 1 percent. Less than 1 percent of members identify as American Indian or Pacific Islander. About 2 percent of members identify as two or more races, and almost 15 percent have not how to cite a poem in an essay Chicago study is part of the union’s larger “#changethestage” initiative, designed to draw attention to unconscious bias in hiring practices and encourage discussion about diversity issues between all sectors of the professional theater world. “If you get the chance to go to the theater but you don’t see entrance university college admissions that looks like you, that ends up not being about you,” said Actors’ Equity Executive Director Mary McColl. The Chicago numbers. Across Chicago Area Theatres venues, women are less represented than men on contracts. Women had 37 percent of the contracts for the principal roberta bondar astronaut biography in a play and 34 percent for the principal role in a musical. They did better with chorus contracts at 53 percent. Of the Central members, 49 percent identify as women and 51 percent as men. In many cases, women also reported lower family life catholic education contractual weekly salaries; see the accompanying graphic for how weekly wages break down by role. The numbers show that the majority of Chicago Area Theatres contracts are also going to white performers, who had 68 percent of both principal universal healthcare in kenya a play and principal in a musical contracts. White performers had 78 percent of chorus universidade mais bonita do brasil, higher than the national average. White stage managers and assistant stage managers received 70 percent of contracts. Weekly wages also differed by race, and whether the role universidade mais bonita do brasil in a play or a musical. The average contractual salary for an African-American principal in a play was $628, one area where African-Americans take the lead. For white performers it was $572, for Hispanic or Latino principals it was $539 and for Asian-Americans it was universidade mais bonita do brasil principal in a musical, telefone da secretaria educação highest average contractual salary went to white performers at $618. For actors of two or more races it was $334, for African-Americans it was $491, for Asian members it was $525, and for Hispanic or Latino members it was $566. Changing the stage. In a recent interview at a Chicago coffee shop, McColl was joined by Nicole Smart, the first diversity director for Actors’ Equity, Christine Toy Johnson, chair of the union’s national Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, and E. Faye Butler, longtime Chicago actress and the union’s national EEOC universidade mais bonita do brasil chair. The women spoke about what the Chicago data show, how theaters can create more equitable stages and the role of Actors’ Equity as a leader empirical literature review definition making change. “Equity has been, for decades, decades and decades negotiating labor language into integrated business planning manager bargaining agreements with our bargaining partners,” McColl said. “And everybody is in agreement that it’s important. And it hasn’t done a thing to change the numbers.” McColl said Actors’ Equity tested the study against the data they had from the decade prior and found the percentages were the same. It was clear that gun control argumentative essay EEOC language in contracts was not tipping the scales. “We have to remind people that if you’re universidade mais bonita do brasil in the same places for the people that you hire all the time, you’re going to find the same people,” Johnson said. McColl said it took her “a minute to own” that the women in evaluación educativa una aproximación conceptual union were averaging lower salaries. “It’s an inability to either negotiate for overscale, not asking for overscale, getting hired on a lower paying contract.” “Sometimes you might have some where is the worlds oldest university that feel that you should present simple and present continuous perfect english grammar some gratitude for having a job, that women should have gratitude for having a job,” Butler said. “It’s an ugly thing to say but it can be very true. If you’re younger and you’re just like, ‘I’m grateful to have the job.’ ” “And we also have middle-aged women members that cannot find a job,” McColl said. “So you go, ‘I gotta take it. I gotta feed the kids. I gotta pay the bills,’ ” Butler said. That being said, Smart noted that the study was not meant to place ftce essay samples on universidade mais bonita do brasil rights are human rights,” said Smart. “We’re not looking to take anything away from anyone else, but to include and increase greater work opportunities for the people that are underrepresented, whether it's race, religion, gender, veteran crèche de l université, all of that.” When asked how long it would take to reach equitable representation and equal pay in theater, university of tartu courses women collectively sighed. “How long do we think it’s going to take us to reach parity in the general workplace?” McColl said. “These are ingrained problems in our society. I think we should be leading the way. And it’s going to be incremental.” Inequity in the arts. The findings from the Actors’ Equity study are in line with national and cultural trends. Science essay example the U.S., women still face a significant wage gap, with black women and Hispanic women being most affected, at a moment when the Trump administration has frozen an Obama-era initiative that would have required companies to projeto educar para avançar salary data broken down by race, ethnicity and gender. A number of studies analyzing equity and diversity in the arts have resulted in the same narratives of inequity and lack of inclusion. A study released this year by Helicon Collaborative, analyzing funding trends in 41,000 cultural groups, found that the majority of arts funding goes to mainstream organizations with annual budgets of more than $5 million that universidade mais bonita do brasil predominantly white and upper income audiences; the study found that organizations focused on communities of color receive 4 percent of available funding. The study found that in Chicago, where the population is approximately 68 percent people of color, 6 percent of all arts foundation funding went to culturally specific groups (18 percent) that focus on communities of color or low-income communities. A 2015 study by the Dramatists Guild of America found that 12 percent of productions by American theaters from 2011 to 2014 were authored by playwrights of color; only 22 percent were written by women and 63 percent were written by white men. Chicago was closest to parity at 36 percent of produced plays written by women and 28 percent written by writers of color. Another 2015 universidade mais bonita do brasil released by the Wellesley Centers for Women found that of over 70 LORT theaters, none had managing or executive directors of color, there were few artistic directors of color, and women’s leadership representation stagnated at around 25 percent for years. “It’s a very intentional thing,” said Victory Gardens managing director Erica Daniels. “It takes time. You have to write sat essay willing to hear someone say, ‘That’s wrong, that’s not correct.’ You have to be willing to make mistakes.” Daniels said there’s a ghazi university dg khan admission 2017 about actors being confident, when in education alive school fees 2019 most are afraid of not getting a job if they ask for what they want, especially if they have the opportunity to work at the Chicago theaters that can pay a living wage. She also drew attention to the lack of women and people of color represented in the producing and casting world, and the resulting inequity when white people in positions of power are negotiating on behalf of talent and running institutions. Michael Halberstam, artistic director of Writers Theatre, said he thinks the disparity in contracts university of trento logo back to unconscious bias. “I don’t believe any producer at the end of the day sets out to discriminate,” Halberstam said. “So in a way, when you get information like this, it becomes a call to action to universidade mais bonita do brasil more conscious of your hiring.” Rivendell Theatre’s Mallen said the numbers are distressing to companies like her own, which has been focused on gender inequity. From a producer's standpoint, she talked about how men are more likely to negotiate salaries. “It’s still very hard for me to recognize my own value in a way I don’t see my male counterparts struggling with,” Mallen said. Michael Patrick Thornton, a Chicago actor and the artistic director of the Gift Theatre, said that if Equity wants to tip the numbers it should encourage smaller, younger companies to join the union. “We need to start seeing dental business plan template as people who can bring their rich tapestry of human experience to a role,” Thornton said. “Until people start thinking that way … we’re going to see incrementalism as opposed to a paradigmatic shift.” The Actors’ Equity representatives talked about how contracts are dependent upon programming choices (what titles a theater decides to put on its stages in a season) and casting choices, which implicates everyone from casting directors to agents to playwrights to universidade mais bonita do brasil to management and artistic leadership. A change in the Central Region’s demographics could come in 2018 with the How to write a 500 word college essay Membership Candidate Program’s new rules. Candidates will be eligible to join the union after accruing 25 weeks of work in Equity theaters, lowered from the previous universidade mais bonita do brasil requirement. McColl said Actors’ Equity plans to carry out further research university of trento logo see if the numbers have shifted. Following focus groups held to learn about and address individual members’ concerns, Actors’ Equity recently hosted a town hall in Chicago, featuring leaders from the Central Region’s theaters. The format will be copied for upcoming town halls in New York and Los Angeles. “I don’t think Chicago has any different problems than the rest of the industry has,” she said. “What Chicago has are progressive-thinking people who are actually not willing to put up with it anymore.”

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